[TxMt] [LaTeX]PDF "can't be open" by Skim, but still is

Édouard Gilbert edouard.gilbert at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 09:44:00 UTC 2007

Hi gang,

I'm using TM/Skim for some LaTeX and when typesetting — using  
mklatex.pl —, nearly everything is alright. Except for a little  
annoying message : Skim tell me that “The document 'file.tex' can‘t  
be opened. File does not exist.” Yet, it just has been. This happened  
on different files, but only when there are non ascii characters in  
the file path. Removing those character make the message disappear.  
I'm not sure wether it is a problem with Skim or TM. I tried with  
both "retail" and svn version of the LaTeX package.

Any hint of what it could be?



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