[TxMt] Persistent Includes

Nigel Chapman nigel at macavon.co.uk
Sun Feb 25 15:57:01 UTC 2007

I'm not sure how to put this without sounding like a demanding  
ingrate, but here goes...

I've been using Brad Choate's persistent include commands since the  
day they came out, because they are brilliant for my way of working.  
But (here it comes) they would be so much  more brilliant still if it  
was possible to update any files selected in the project drawer  
whenever an included file was changed.

I know about TM_SELECTED_FILES, but I can't see how to apply a  
command to all of them in place. The only thing I could think of  
involved creating temporary files, which doesn't seem the right way  
to be going about this.

Any suggestions?

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