[TxMt] Quick find and open last closed file

Juan juanfc at lcc.uma.es
Thu Feb 8 02:57:15 UTC 2007

	Thanks, Haris, to you and Charilaos and Rob; with your help and   
after a thoroughly reading of macromates.com suggestions, etc.. I've  
find the bases for developing and improving TM.  Its limitations and  

I am now very enthusiastic with respect to it.

El 08/02/2007, a las 0:42, Charilaos Skiadas escribió:

> On Feb 7, 2007, at 6:11 PM, Juan wrote:
>> Things like Menu control (building them, etc),
> Not sure what menus you are referring to, but tm_dialog allows  
> commands to do a lot of things.
>> open/close hooks (procs that must be called when anything open or  
>> closes),
> Make a feature request, with some examples of why this is needed.  
> I've never felt the need for it. You can of course create commands  
> that overwrite the cmd-S or cmd-W functionality and do whatever you  
> want them to, for at least those cases of "closing".
>> Access to the document:  position,
> Can do with TextMate's dynamic environment variables: http:// 
> macromates.com/textmate/manual/environment_variables
>> selecting parts of it,
> A macro using Find or other ways of selecting could do this,  
> depending on what you wanted to do.
>> changing the insertion point position!!,
> Again you can use a Macro, or use the txmt:// scheme in a Command,  
> or (last resort) use a command that replaces the entire document  
> with a snippet, placing $0 at the location you want the caret to go.
> I would venture to guess that adding an embedded interpreter would  
> require a major overhaul of TM, and given that Allan hasn't done  
> such a thing already I would guess that he does not consider it  
> important enough.
> TextMate is different than other editors, and I have often found  
> that it helps to learn to do things "the TM way", rather than  
> fighting with TM to make it see things your way. Just my opinion.
> Haris
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