[TxMt] Latex to CSS (pygments ?)

Charilaos Skiadas skiadas at hanover.edu
Sat Feb 3 15:54:34 UTC 2007

On Feb 3, 2007, at 9:46 AM, Alain Matthes wrote:

> Hello (sorry for my bad english)
> The same code is at this page on the  site of Kjell Magne Fauskes
>  http://www.fauskes.net/pgftikzexamples/  (clic on the Sign diagram)
> Kjell uses pygments a module of Python. The css and the code are  
> more simple and the result is correct
> Two questions :
> 1) is it possible (perhaps with a better theme  create only for  
> latex) to get a css more simple and a lighter source ?

Not via the current system, I don't think. The source contains all  
the information that the parser has, and ASAIK there is no easy way  
to tell it to ignore some of them (other than writing some custom  
search-and-replace script that removes the extra stuff you don't want)

> 2) is it possible to use pygments ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/ 
> pygments/  or http://pygments.pocoo.org/ )  from TextMate with  
> Python's Bundle

It would perhaps be possible, the Python bundle wouldn't enter into  
it at all. But looking at the links you posted, pygments doesn't seem  
to support LaTeX as one of the languages for input. So we'll need to  
know a bit more about what Kjell is doing, in order to be able to help.

> Greetings  Alain
> ps : The result of the css with textmate is very fine but  is  
> difficult to modify it directly by hand !


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