[TxMt] Any way to force a font smoothing style in TM

Jay Soffian jay-txmt at soffian.org
Tue Aug 21 18:54:54 UTC 2007

On Aug 21, 2007, at 5:10 AM, James Hicks wrote:

> I love how Monaco 11 looks like against my dark TM background when  
> in the
> "light" smoothing style. However I can't stand the rest of the OS  
> text and
> especially Helvetica in Safari and prefer those to be in "standard"  
> style,
> they all just look too fat in "light" while Monaco looks anaemic in
> "standard".

You can try this. Quit TextMate:

% defaults write com.macromates.textmate AppleFontSmoothing -int 1

That should enable light smoothing for TextMate only.

I haven't tested this, but I did find that the AppleFontSmoothing  
preference changes in my Library/Preferences/ 
ByHost/.GlobalPreferences.<hex>.plist file when I adjust the  
preference in the the Appearance system preference panel (it changes  
in com.apple.systempreferences.plist as well, but I doubt that  
affects anything but the preference pane).

(Aside, does anyone understand the difference between the preferences  
under Library/Preferences and those under Library/Preferences/ByHost?)

There might be other knobs as well. I found this page, but it's over  
5 years old:


Report back what you find!



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