[TxMt] Re: Missing Column Info and Printing Question

Dushan Mitrovich dushanm at spinn.net
Wed Aug 1 17:06:58 UTC 2007

Paul McCann <paul.mccann at adelaide.edu.au> wrote:

> Gack: I don't think you want to be grabbing latex just to get some 
> printing functionality in place! If you're interested in producing 
> beautiful technical documents on the other hand...

For beautiful technical documents, including equations, plots, etc., I 
do use a full latex program - it would never occur to me to use a text 
editor for that.  What I do expect from a text editor is to be able to 
write and print out a letter, for example, containing pure ASCII, that I 
can mail off.  Yes, occasionally snail-mail is still appropriate :).

> The link mentioned earlier in this thread *is* out of date: the 
> "Typeset and View (PDF)" command in the latex bundle almost certainly 
> isn't what was being referred to: it is --unsurprisingly-- only useful 
> on a latex source file. I do have a recollection of some printing 
> scripts being developed using "enscript", a formatting utility that 
> comes with OS X. Here's one that lingers in my bundle, and 
> occasionally proves useful. Make a new command with...
> =======================================================================
> Save: Current File
> Command(s):
> #!/bin/bash
> # close stderr
> exec 2<&-
> # set options here
> enscript_opt="-2Gr --line-numbers -o -"
> tempfile="/tmp/texmate-print.$$.pdf"  # note: "$$" is the current pid
> pstopdf_opt="-i -o $tempfile"
> # create the pdf and open it
> enscript $enscript_opt | pstopdf $pstopdf_opt
> open $tempfile
> rm $tempfile
> Input: Entire Document
> Output: Discard
> =======================================================================
> You'll probably want to play with the enscript options to get the 
> output to your liking, but it's very malleable.

Thanks for this command script, Paul.   I've not tried making any 
commands yet, but this is a chance to learn how.

- Dushan

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