[TxMt] Flex 2 Bundle

Joshua Scott Emmons skia at skia.net
Thu Apr 26 03:21:56 UTC 2007

Looking over the grammar of the Flex2 bundle, I think there is room  
for a little more specificity. The grammar I've attached deals with  
the <mx:Script> tag problem brought up by Dave and also adds scopes  
for little things like


I'm not sure what all those do, but they're probably important to  

Inside a Script block, this assigns a scope of  
source.actionscript3.embedded.mxml and passes parsing on to  
source.actionscript3. Inside a Style block it assigns a scope of  
source.css.embedded.mxml and passes parsing to source.css.

Please also note that the bases for this grammar is text.xml.mxml  
instead of source.mxml. It seems to me that, being XML, MXML is more  
properly text than source. But again, that's just one guy's opinion.  
If you all think it should be source, that's easy to change with a  
search-and-replace ;-)

I think a text file with the grammar is easier to grok than diffing  
MXML.tmLanguage plist. But if the diff works better, I can provide  
that also.

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