[TxMt] Re: escaping characters (in the document)

Jacob Rus jrus at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu Nov 30 20:52:59 UTC 2006

Rob McBroom wrote:

>   * A script that changes the Terminal's window title...
>   * A script that maps keys to internal shell commands...
>   * And an admittedly weird example from something a co-worker was 
>     trying to do that led me on this quest in the first place: He
>     wanted to use the same command on several files in `vim` in a
>     row by just pasting the command to the Terminal ...

Well, the first two of these cases are in some shell scripting language 
presumably, which probably has its own convention for writing control 
characters, and as for the third, while he probably should be using 
TextMate instead of vim anyway ;), doesn't vim have some ways of 
recording macros, etc?

In any case, as was already said, control characters really aren't meant 
for copying and pasting.  They're meant for controlling things.  Unless 
you're really careful, you could do lots of stuff you don't want to do 
when you copy/paste control characters.  It's a non-transparent process 
with potentially dangerous side effects, for which numerous better 
solutions exist... so, I suggest against it.


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