[TxMt] Re: escaping characters (in the document)

Rob McBroom textmate at skurfer.com
Thu Nov 30 20:15:46 UTC 2006

On Nov 30, 2006, at 12:48 PM, Jacob Rus wrote:

> Let me just emphasize this.  *Why* do you need control codes?  For  
> what?  Is there a use case, or is this just for the fun of it?

   * A script that changes the Terminal's window title has to send  
some control
     characters before and after the title text

   * A script that maps keys to internal shell commands (like
     `history-search-backward`, `spell-line` or `normalize-ccommand`  
in `tcsh`)
     would need them. For example, the function keys are all an  
escape followed
     by some string. Yes, I could just paste the escape from  
somewhere else and
     type the rest, but I'd have to have the code for each F-key  
memorized. I'd
     rather just hit ⌃Q or ⌃V or whatever then hit the key.

   * And an admittedly weird example from something a co-worker was  
trying to do
     that led me on this quest in the first place: He wanted to use  
the same
     command on several files in `vim` in a row by just pasting the  
command to
     the Terminal (I know there are a dozen better ways) and he  
wanted it to
     "hit" Escape for him to get out of insert mode. From looking  
into it, I now
     know he could have composed the string using the ⌃Q trick in most
     NSTextView areas, but when looking for a "scratch" area to whip  
out some
     text, we automatically think to use Textmate, so I just wondered  
if it
     could be done.

> It doesn't show anything at all for a regular space, so there is  
> indeed a difference.  But all your control characters are going to  
> show up as diamonds.

Yeah, I noticed that when I started looking at it more closely in a  
new account. By the way, neither of the prefs I mentioned before seem  
to have an effect on Texmate's behavior.

Rob McBroom
I didn't "switch" to Apple... my OS did.

Rob McBroom
I didn't "switch" to Apple... my OS did.

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