searching address book (was Re: [TxMt] create email from document)

Rob McBroom textmate at
Wed Nov 8 14:08:28 UTC 2006

I'm sure everyone has their preference on how this should work, but I  
just wanted to point out that there's existing functionality in  
Quicksilver that could be used here (and it would be available system  
wide, not just in TextMate). With Quicksilver you could:

* Select your message text (in any application)
   Compose (Email To…)
   Type part of a recipient's name

Or, if you were trying to populate a header line, like "To: ", you  

* Invoke Quicksilver
   Search for a contact
   Choose the right e-mail address

I'm not sure if I'm making it sound complicated or not, but the  
process is pretty fast in practice.


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