[TxMt] New version of TXP Bundle (v07)

marios tmtxpstuff at consking.com
Sun Nov 5 13:57:48 UTC 2006

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Hi, to all of you TM and TXP friends,

The next version of the TXP Bundle is available for download. Version
0.7, because version 0.6 will remain unreleased. The only purpose of
version 0.6 was to pile up in-house evaluation data, before then
refactoring the Language Grammar, which is based on a little different

If you had any previous version, it is recommended, to through those
away prior installing this Bundle.

In a nutshell, the concept is to follow the same shortcuts and Behavior
as is in the HTML Bundle, so the typing becomes homogeneous with the
former in one go.
Most shortcuts have been changed, but you will find it to be more
convenient , once yo  get used to it
Furthermore the scope names have been simplified and plugin tags are
only matched in  generic manner for both single and container tags
I am still working on a concept to refine the matching of the plugin
tags, but this will take  time.

If you still use older versions of this Bundle, it is recommended to
through these away.
A last check shows, that there is no Errors in Console, however, it
would be nice, if yo  could check the latter on yours and confirm that
at some point
The Language Grammar that drives this Bundle, spans more than 4300 lines
of code an  there are 86 Bundle items, which puts it in the range of
some of the most comprehensive Bundles done ever.

I would recommend, to place your customizations in a separate Bundle,
instead  of this one
It will be necessary to install the custom Theme as well, since there is
currently no Them  other available that would give us the Syntax
highlighting we need, and since I had t  change the Scope names, the
current Theme that you have, will not give you what yo  need
You may wish to start off, calling the documentation,which is basically
the same of what  follows below, by just pressing ⌃ H, from any TXP
scoped document window.

The first http://www.consking.com/screencasts/txp_bundle_typing_1.mov/
Screencast, that is pretty trivial, walks you through the Typing Basics.

 I used the H.264  settings to render it, which  AFAIK means, you need
Quicktime 7 to watch it.

It's about 32 MB/ ~12minutes.I didn't bother much to get it down more in
file size, since it will only result in ugly artifacts in most cases.

One last thing, I would like to mention:

Although it took me much longer than expected, I've gained a big deal of
things doing this, which I am quite grateful for, so you can take this
as an example, that even Non-programmers can take advantage of this
Power tool, to create a Language Grammar for about any CMS Language you
can think of. if you wanted to.

With best regards, marios

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