[TxMt] Performance issues

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Sat May 27 21:29:17 UTC 2006

On 27/5/2006, at 16:03, Aristide Grange wrote:

> Thank you for having explained me how to solve this stupid-but-big  
> problem with search/replace in TextMate! [...]

Just FYI the problem comes not from stupid code but from data  
structure trade-offs.

TextWrangler, which you mention, use (AFAIK) a continuous buffer for  
the text with a gap/hole where the caret is. This allows for constant  
time movement and insertion, and linear time search’n’replace --  
generally a very good data structure for a text editor, except it  
does not (easily) allow for many of the things I do in TextMate, for  
example folding of code blocks.

I instead use a data structure which does most normal editing  
operations just fine, and allows for easy attaching meta data to  
text, preserving meta data after editing operations, etc. --  
something which has proven very valuable through the last year, used  
e.g. for smart typing, real time snippet transformations, etc.  But  
it has trade-offs, like doing a global replacement involving \n.

So this is not about fixing broken code, it is about coming up with  
data structures that gives you the best of everything.

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