[TxMt] Growl instead of tool tips

Fred B. fredb7 at starflam.com
Fri Mar 3 02:34:23 UTC 2006

On 03 Mar 2006, at 02:08, Duane Johnson wrote:

> On Mar 2, 2006, at 4:58 PM, Fred B. wrote:
>> I don't understand how CD could be "tied in to work with Growl",  
>> sorry.
> CocoaDialog already has a notification system, is already packaged  
> with TextMate, and is already in use by some bundles as a  
> notification system.  So it's a win/win for everyone if CocoaDialog  
> were to support growl as an optional notification mechanism.   
> Basically TextMate bundles could send their message to CocoaDialog  
> and not care what happens after that.

Ok, I didn't understand you meant CD would have to be modified to  
support growl. Tired, sorry.

> Perhaps once the 'bubble' command is supported by the built-in  
> CocoaDialog package, Allan could add 'Notification' as an output  
> method (similar to how tooltip is now) to "pipe" the output of the  
> command to the CocoaDialog "bubble --text" option.  The only  
> remaining piece to the puzzle then would be how we configure  
> CocoaDialog from within TextMate (e.g. perhaps bubble gradient  
> colors could be configurable, and of course growl support would be  
> a CocoaDialog option).

Could be nice.
The advantage of Growl is that you can configure it when you invoke  
it, then in the central PrefPane.
So, if Allan added a simple "pipe to" output option, it would be good  
enough for me.
I can (and have for some of them) replaced Tool Tips by Growl, the  
only downside is when the bundles are updated...

> On second thought... would forwarding to Growl be automatic if it's  
> detected?

Optional is often good, but in this case CD bubbles can easily  
mimicked in Growl, so...

> Does Growl usually get detected by programs automatically? And do  
> other programs just assume the user wants output sent to Growl if  
> Growl is present on the system?

Detected: yes:
On the integration: It depends on applications. Some are more tied  
with Growl, others just provide it as on optional notif. system.  
IIRC, AdiumX installs Growl, at least am sure it updated Growl on my  
system once. Anyway, even when an applications is registered in  
Growl, you can disable or configure it, or its different notif.  
individually, in the Growl's PrefPane.

>> No to be picky but IMHO: Tool tips look like OS 7, CD bubbles like  
>> OS 9, Growl like OS X. ;)
> I don't think it's picky to have an opinion.  And I agree, anyway ;)

Cool. ;)


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