[TxMt] GTDAlt New Note patch

John Sheets fisheye at metacasa.net
Fri Jun 30 13:53:15 UTC 2006

Here's a quick patch to add a New Note snippet:

   ${1:note comment }<${2:http://}>$0

I was confused at first that Ctrl-L wasn't working on links, but  
after reading the code a bit, I realized that you have to enclose the  
link in angle brackets.  This snippet makes it a bit more convenient  
(and obvious).  Bound to Ctrl-N on a note line.

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Thanks for the nice bundle!  Just started using it.  One small note,  
however: I can't get the @ snippet to fire.  I can do '!' then Tab to  
create a project, then '@' to start an action, but the '@' doesn't  
fire.  Possibly a scope problem, or am I misusing it?  The Enter  
trigger works fine though (as does the gear menu).


John R. Sheets

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