[TxMt] The "TextMate Must Have integrated ftp/sftp/ssh" discussion

thomas Aylott thomas.42 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 19:31:27 UTC 2006

On Feb 23, 2006, at 12:51 AM, Eric O'Brien wrote:

> What are folks doing that makes them want to see built-in ftp/sftp/ 
> ssh support in TextMate?  One situation I can imagine is the desire/ 
> need to open many arbitrary files that are located in many  
> arbitrary locations on the Internet.  I don't have a good picture  
> of when anyone would be needing to do that though.  Are people  
> doing that?  For me, the files I want to edit are on my computer.   
> Periodically they need to be uploaded to the net, but my editing  
> sessions don't begin from copies that were on the net.

These are the thing I use TextMate for (with regards to remote files):

#1 Editing config files on *nix machines.
#2 Making emergency edits of single files.
#3 Developing projects on remote testing servers.
##3.1 ROR (ruby on rails)
##3.2 ASP.net

#1 & #2 Any good FTP app handles this perfectly. Lately i've been  
using Cyberduck (probly because of the icon ;) ).

#3.1:  With ror, I have my local powerbook as my testing &  
development server. I can access it remotely from a windows machine  
to test IE specific stuff. I don't need any sort of FTP or anything  
for that.

#3.2: I have all my projects setup in SVN on a dreamhost webdav  
server. I have checkouts on my local dev machine and my remote  
staging machine and the live server.
For major edits, I do all the changes on my local, commit changes and  
svn up on the stage.
I used to use Transmit to handle major development, too. With  
transmit you can set a folder up so that as soon as you drag that  
file onto the textmate icon it'll upload it to the live server. I  
created a little command that did that from within textmate. That way  
you get the full benefits of developing on your local with the  
advantage of uploading directly to the live server with a single  
For minor edits, see #2

To summarize:
TextMate doesn't need FTP built in (for me).
Cyberduck works perfectly for almost everything FTP/sFTP related.
Transmit/SVN works perfectly for everything else FTP/sFTP related.

Others have proposed incorporating FTP/SFTP directly into the editor  
(ala bbedit) but I'd rather have an FTP program handle FTP and a text  
editor handle text editing. Never get the fish at a steak restaurant!  
Let each app be the best at what it does.

However! If we could get a simple way to run the mate command on a  
remote volume via SSH to edit a remote file with TextMate (simply  
hitting save to re-upload it) that would be a better method for #1 & #2.

I would much rather have dynamic scopes and better wrapped code  
indenting! (after that, sure, add whatever you want)
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