[TxMt] discoverability, activation and scaling

Dave Baldwin dave.baldwin at 3dlabs.com
Fri Apr 21 16:50:44 UTC 2006

On 21 Apr 2006, at 17:16, Chris Thomas wrote:

> On Apr 21, 2006, at 10:53 AM, thomas Aylott wrote:
>> Are there currently any commands that are only available once you  
>> set an environment variable? I'd like to use them if there are.  
>> How would I find out about them?
> No one is suggesting separate commands for FileMerge that magically  
> appear when you set an environment variable.
> My suggestion was to use a standard Mac idiom (modifier key) for  
> switching between alternative functionality, since you indicated  
> that you'd sometimes want to use FileMerge for diff and sometimes  
> standard svn diff. (I fully stipulate your point about  
> discoverability. I know this is not discoverable, although it would  
> be documented in the help file.) On second thought, though, it  
> would probably end up triggering some other command, so never mind.
> I don't think my concern about menu length is an invalid one.  
> You're proposing adding five new Diff commands, assuming you  
> replicate each of the existing commands, to what is already one of  
> the longest command menus in TextMate.
> When Allan provides a UI for grouping and enabling subsets of  
> bundle commands, a separate set of commands will be great.  
> Meanwhile, I'm not sure it's a good idea.

It would also be useful to set the order - in the subversion bundle  
when I do a diff, 99.99% of the time I want to diff with BASE so I  
would like to do control A d rather than control A d down down.   
Similarly I would find it better if revert were before resolve and  
status before show all modifications.  Minor quibbles on an excellent  


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