[TxMt] TmCodeBrowser2 plugin!

Gerd Knops gerti at bitart.com
Wed Oct 26 23:02:19 UTC 2005

On Wed, Oct 26, at 5:47 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 26/10/2005, at 6.19, Gerd Knops wrote:
>>> I can easily add (i.e. next build) that TM e.g. loads extensions  
>>> from AppSupport/TextMate/Plugins — it seems for your “plugin” it  
>>> wouldn't need to expose any API, thus it's a safe way to slowly  
>>> extend TM to support plugins
>> That'd be great, that would at least avoid the InputManagers hack.
> And “double click to install”, which seems could have benefited a  
> few users :)
Oh, forgot about that option! Yep, that'll make life a lot easier. So  
will the 'plugins' have a specific extension like 'tmplugin'?

>> [...] I am really itching to change a few small details of the  
>> internal workings of TM (word characters on a per language base,  
>> handling of double-click extend), but the code in question seems  
>> to be mostly C++ which is a lot less hackable than ObjC...
> Yes, the model is mainly C++, and your requests are on the to-do,  
> but at least the word characters is not a minor detail, since word  
> characters are implemented through character traits, so the traits  
> are static member functions which have no context what-so-ever (and  
> the traits are used a lot of places).

The word characters I can live with, but the double-click extend is  
driving me bonkers about 100 times a day...



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