[TxMt] Text Encoding Support

Kelvin Tse post at ktml.net
Sat Dec 3 10:22:23 UTC 2005


Will there be more text encoding support? Like for Japanese(Shift- 
JIS), Chinese(GB-2312) or Korean? I think this issue has been bought  
up before, but it didn't get my attention until lately.

I have been working on websites in different language: Chinese,  
Japanese and Korean, and it was a horrible experience. I had to add  
some pages to the existing websites, so i can't really changed all  
the text encoding to unicode. Also, I have been told that there are  
some missing characters in unicode for Japanese, so even the  
government won't use that.

My nightmare stopped when bbedit came to rescue, it supposed all of  
the text encoding I need. But then I want to stick to Textmate, and,  
well, bbedit is simply far too expensive!

My guess is that I will need to maintain those websites in the  
future, so it will be great to see textmate supporting more text  



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