[TxMt] bug in sql syntax bundle

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Tue Apr 5 14:34:13 UTC 2005

On Apr 5, 2005, at 8:38, Joakim Bodin wrote:

>>> [...] the syntax highlighting breaks if a comment that begins with 
>>> '--' has a forward slash somewhere after that on the same line.  
>>> Very nice bundle otherwise.
>> Can you give an example? I can't reproduce this.
> Here is an example that breaks even if I only have a / inside the SQL:

Ah... seems to be the same problem as with the Ruby syntax. There's a 
rule that matches /regular expressions/ -- I can change it so that it 
needs at least another slash at the same line for it to go into 
regex-coloring mode. Not perfect, but better :)

As for the slash in a comment, I still don't see this happening though.

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