[TxMt] Method/function list?

Chris Bailey chbailey at adobe.com
Mon Nov 29 20:39:04 UTC 2004

Yes, this is actually much more preferable.  Basically, I'd like to have
what Visual SlickEdit provides, which is I believe what you describe.  VSE
will show me a tree with the files, then expanding a file shows the
members/fields, methods, includes/imports, etc, etc. (all of these
particular items are configurable in terms of what you want to see - often I
just have functions/methods turned on).

Going the next step, what you really want is to then be able to have more of
a full tags implementation, where you can right click on a symbol in a file,
and say "go to definition" type of thing.  This is more often seen in IDE's,
but seems like a very useful thing anytime your source code is more than one
or two files :)  I guess BBEdit has added ctags support in 8.0, but I
haven't tried it.  The one thing I hate, is when an editor says "we have
this wonderful tags support", but then you read the fine print, and realize
that you have to run ctags on your tree separately, instead of the editor
just doing this all for you.  The problem is that if it's separate, then you
have a greater likelyhood of it not being properly sync'ed, etc.

As a side comment, and as people can probably guess, I want Visual SlickEdit
for MacOS X.  But, wait a minute! You say - it is available.  Well, yes it
is, but as I found out during the beta testing period, it is just a port of
their X Windows version, and thus runs under Apple's X11, and a) doesn't
look like a Mac app, b) has some problems interacting with native Mac
applications and clipboard, and c) doesn't work well from the terminal (not
xterm!) command line.  I think it's great they took advantage of this to get
it up and going on Mac, but for something I tend to have running anytime my
machine is running, and live in all day, I don't want a ported app that
isn't "native".

On 11/29/04 11:38 AM, "Paul Jongsma" <paulj at webtic.com> wrote:

> On 29-nov-2004, at 20:01, Allan Odgaard wrote:
>> I thought it was one of those features that the implementor thought
>> where nice to have but no-one actually used. But I think I've gotten
>> around 20-30 requests for such a popup ;)
>> I'll add it in v1.1 where the syntax definition files will be extended
>> to extract amongst other such info from the document.
> An interesting alternative to a button which shows all functions /
> classes would be
> to treat the file as a virtual directory. When a file with functions is
> selected the treeview shows
> all the definitions in the file, if one is clicked it jumps to the
> right offset in the file.
> This way you could oversee your functions and classes in different
> files within your
> project at one glance..
> A button would suit me just fine for the moment, but to me "adding a
> button" is not very
> much the TextMate way doing things ;)
> Brgds
> Paul
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