[TxMt] i-search in TextMate

Juan Anorga juananorga at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 05:37:58 UTC 2004

> Incremental search changes the way you do searching. Using Firefox or
> Mozilla, on a web page I can just type '/' and then the thing I'm
> looking for. 

I agree, incremental searching is great. I like the highlighting
feature in firefox. I can see it be a great help when searching for
all the times a function is being called in your program. I really
like the way Firefox has implemented the interface as a strip at the

>May I suggest cmd-/ for incremental search?

This may be going out on a limb, but why not just make it cmd+f and
change the find dialog to a strip like firefox. While on the subject
of finding why not combine the the find in project and current find
dialog into one. This way you can use the same replace selected
feature on single documents and not just projects.

- Juan

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