[TxMt] [TextMate] Syntax Question: Including HTML in PHP syntax

John Cleary john at ozimac.com.au
Fri Nov 26 01:28:41 UTC 2004

Hi mate,

Just saw your email on the archives... any chance of making that syntax 
file available to me? I've been mucking about with it much as you did i 
imagine, but don't quite get how to edit them and have them load. I 
really want PHP & HTML syntaxing at the same time...



> Allan,
> Thank you for your help !!!  Very much appreciated.
> >> As it is right now, I have a choice of highlighting for HTML or for
> >> PHP, BUT NOT both at the same time.
> >
> > No, the "HTML (PHP)" does do this. But the colors of HTML is toned
> > down significantly.
> Ahh, the perils of editing syntax files without understanding things
> fully.  I made a colour change to the "HTML (PHP)" syntax file and
> stored it in the AppSupport directory, so it overrode your file, and in
> doing so it created plain black text on white background. : (
> I have now spent a good few hours tweaking my colours and have HTML
> with PHP; with CSS; with JS highlighting working just as I want it.
> Although time consuming, it has been a very good process to go through,
> and I have learnt a lot about the syntax structure. As a result, I am
> very impressed by the inherent power in the syntax format.
> My only concern now - as I have migrated to a dark background - is that
> the cursor is invisible over the edit window. Perhaps something that
> you are already aware of and working on. (Or perhaps is remedied by
> some to me unknown setting).
> Kind regards,
> Mats


John Cleary

Founder, OziMac
john at ozimac.com.au
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