[TxMt] Refresh FireFox command

Mats Persson mats at imediatec.co.uk
Fri Nov 5 21:46:04 UTC 2004

On Nov 5, 2004, at 21:19, Mats Persson wrote:
> The following Applescript works in Script Editor and just needs to be 
> converted into TM working code. Don't have time to do so tonight : (
> set theActiveURL to "http://www.macromedia.com/"
> tell application "Firefox"
> 	activate
> 	OpenURL theActiveURL
> end tell

OK, so I am a naughty boy that's getting the missus rather angry now : )

Anyway, here's the AS that does what you want.

set theActiveURL to "JavaScript:window.location.reload();"
tell application "Firefox"
	Get URL theActiveURL inside window 1
end tell

You just need to translate the above into TM command and you're up and 

Attn: Sune.
Apologies, if this reply is showing up inside the wrong thread. I 
created a new e-mail and copied Mike's text only and it still ended up 
in the wrong thread it seems.

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