[TxMt] Selecting newline characters

Ryan Schmidt textmate-2004 at ryandesign.com
Wed Dec 22 13:46:09 UTC 2004

On 22.12.2004, at 14:18, Jeroen van der Ham wrote:

> On 22-12-2004 13:19, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> I think your expectations don't match Macintosh tradition. All Mac 
>> apps (with AFAIK the sole except of Microsoft Word) work the way 
>> Allan describes. I've used Macs for 14 years; TextMate works the way 
>> I expect it to in this regard.
> I don't know why you say that what I propose is not Macintosh 
> tradition. I just tried it with Terminal, Console, Mail and it all 
> works the same as in TextEdit. Which is that if you some amount beyond 
> the end of the line, the newline character is also included. This is 
> signaled by selecting the blank part after the end of the line.

Well blow me down. Looks like you're right. I apologize about that; 
thank you for pointing it out to me. If you drag-select more than about 
1.5cm past the end of the line in a Cocoa text editing program 
(TextEdit, Mail, Console, Script Editor, Adium), it does select the 
newline. Looks like that's an OS Xism I've never noticed before. Unless 
I'm totally blind, it didn't used to be like that in OS 9 and before, 
and it's not like that in BBEdit 7 or other Carbon apps I tested (like 
/Developer/Applications/Utilities/Built Examples/SimpleText). The way 
Terminal does it is also different in that it selects the newline 
immediately, without waiting for you to get 1.5cm away from the last 
character. I initially thought you were referring to the way Word does 
it, which selects the newline as soon as you get 2mm past the end of 
the line, which I've always found nonstandard (although not necessarily 

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