[TxMt] File differencing

Ryan Schmidt textmate-2004 at ryandesign.com
Wed Dec 15 15:09:30 UTC 2004

I thought about trying to make a TextMate plugin to integrate with 
Apple's FileMerge (/Developer/Applications/Utilities/FileMerge) but 
TextMate seems to only be able to give me the name of the current file, 
not any other open file, and anyway it would only work on saved files, 
not files that had changes made, and furthermore you can't really edit 
files in FileMerge, not that you'd want to since the idea is to edit in 
TextMate. So, in summary, this would indeed be nice to have in 


On 15. Dez 2004, at 10:54, Chris Jenkins wrote:

> I imagine that this might have been covered before, so forgive me if 
> so, but
> is there any plans to build a file differencing tool into TextMate? I'm
> talking about something akin to the interface that BBEdit provides, or 
> Xcode
> for that matter. I find that's the only reason I pop back to BBEdit 
> now, the
> ability to step through the differences line by line and copy the 
> changes
> between the files is very useful.
> Regards
> Chris Jenkins

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