[SVN] Re: r11568 (ActionScript 3)

Simon Gregory simon at helvector.org
Mon Jun 29 21:13:58 UTC 2009

> -What do I have to change so that the RUN command runs my .swf file  
> in Flash
> Player and not in the browser?

Where TM_FLEX_RUN_FILE resolves to a non executable file the run  
command delegates the task to 'open'. Open should use your default  
settings (as configured via the Finders file info window).

> And a workflow problem:
> It's good that the Terminal is brought to front, but Textmate should  
> be
> brought to front after that, so one haven't to switch back manually to
> textmate.

I had a couple of requests to bring the terminal to the front so I  
figured I'd try it - the only problem is that I've never found a way  
to reliably watch what's going on in the terminal, so cant switch back  
to TM. To get the old behavior you need to set

> Moreover, it's annoying that the  “Run Command“ window opens and I  
> have to
> manually close it everytime I tested my Build. Is it possible to  
> make a Run
> command without the “Run Command“ window opens (as it was before).

It's possible do this by creating a custom run script, making it  
executable, and setting it to TM_FLEX_RUN_FILE. You can then get it to  
close the window automatically using javascript:

'<script>var howLong = 5000;t = null;function closeMe(){t =  


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