[SVN] r8852 (Apache)

Thomas Aylott - subtleGradient textmate at subtleGradient.com
Mon Feb 11 15:16:09 UTC 2008

On Feb 11, 2008, at 9:50 AM, Simon Gregory wrote:

>> How safe is it to have my admin password in my keychain?
> Good question! I'm comfortable with it stored there as I'm  
> particular about keeping my machine locked when I'm not about. If I  
> forgot then the only way I know for the user to access that
> particular password would be to do it from within TextMate -  
> essentially modifying the rb that handles the passwords and printing  
> it to screen.
> I would like to point out that storing the password in the keychain  
> is optional. There's a toggle box in the input window which is  
> disabled by default.
> Cheers,
> Simon

Sounds like a perfect balance.

—Thomas Aylott – subtleGradient—

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