[SVN] Bundle commit 99

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu Jan 20 09:10:50 UTC 2005

On Jan 20, 2005, at 7:48, Eric Hsu wrote:

>> Maybe they should be under invalid.*?
> I thought about that, but spaces and tabs aren't really invalid...
> In reality, anyone who wants to change these colors will want to pick 
> their own; most stylesheets aren't going to have a different 
> background, which is what one needs to make these visible...

That's why I wanted them as invalid, because me thinks the default 
style sheet will have invalids with a red background. But I'm okay with 
not having them in that class if you don't think they belong there.

> But TM is going to provide it's own built-in Show Invisibles soon, 
> right?  1.2?   :)

When I revisit the text-rendering, not sure when they'll be ;)

> I was needing a version of Zap Gremlins (from BBedit) today, and when 
> I have time I'll write a clone of that. The issue was that I could 
> find a Gremlin, but I couldn't copy it to the find window to get rid a 
> bunch of them...

Select it and press cmd-e and it's copied to the find window/clipboard.

A version of it would be a regular expression replace with your 
patterns (slightly modified to not include tab, space, and newline) and 
replace it with the empty string. Either record it as a macro or pipe 
the document through perl that does the same (as a command, so that 
it's easier to edit for the user).

If you don't do it before I release beta 3, most likely I will, Chris 
Thomas gave me a list on the wiki of which functionality people 
probably expect to have from BBEdit with regard to text conversion 
tools (and I'll add some trimming to that).

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