[SVN] Bundle commit 352

torsten.becker at gmail.com torsten.becker at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 11:48:17 UTC 2005

* Subversion / README
  - @chris: your modification about div.description looks
    pretty good and increases the readability, so i think
    i can delete my old rule.
  - just added links to all important headings.
  - added the new vars for svn info.
  - added a authors section.
  - minor tweaks at the css.
* Subversion / Info
  - now acts similar as add, if you are in a project it uses
    the currently selected files and if not the active file.
  - changed the colors of the rows, i think double-alternation sucks
    so now there are thin borders.
  - now can be configured with 2 shell vars, see the README for
    more detail.
* Subversion / Log
  - now acts similar as info/add.
  - it also tries to find double messages and doesn't show them.
    (i am not sure if its stable yet)
  - default limit is now 9
* Subversion / Stylesheets
  made links look different (blue), i think they are a bit
  better spottable now.  this affected svn status, i didn't fixed
  it because i don't know how you (chris) would like to have it,
  like the normal links or similar to blame?  (which uses its own link colors)
* Subversion / info.plist
  i reordered the commands a bit so now things i use more frequently
  are on the top and the other things are a bit more down. (just a idea)
* Ruby
  - minor update for the syntax check
  - made less code for the execute line thing

U   trunk/Ruby.tmbundle/Commands/Check Ruby Syntax.plist
U   trunk/Ruby.tmbundle/Commands/Execute Line with Ruby.plist
U   trunk/Subversion.tmbundle/Commands/Info.plist
U   trunk/Subversion.tmbundle/Commands/Log.plist
U   trunk/Subversion.tmbundle/README.html
U   trunk/Subversion.tmbundle/Stylesheets/svn_blame_style.css
U   trunk/Subversion.tmbundle/Stylesheets/svn_info_style.css
U   trunk/Subversion.tmbundle/Stylesheets/svn_style.css
U   trunk/Subversion.tmbundle/Tools/format_blame.rb
U   trunk/Subversion.tmbundle/Tools/format_info.rb
U   trunk/Subversion.tmbundle/Tools/format_log.rb
U   trunk/Subversion.tmbundle/info.plist

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