[SVN] PHP bundle

cubiq at cubiq.org cubiq at cubiq.org
Wed Feb 23 11:33:40 UTC 2005

Just wanted to introduce myself together with my first commit to the 

I'm working on the PHP bundle and trying to make TM the perfect web 
authoring tool.

I added to the PHP syntax about 3000 functions that are almost all the 
PHP functions available excluded deprecated and experimental ones.
I kept all functions for all DB types, even those that no-one would 
ever use :) hope someone will help me to indentify really usefull 
functions. More info in the README file in the repository.

I also changed the color scheme a bit to get closer to the default PHP 
syntax highlighting, but Allan informed me that a new code highlighting 
is on the work so I am not wasting time to optimize colors.


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