[TxMt] Tool tips not disappearing?

Graham Heath graham.p.heath at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 21:32:50 UTC 2018

Hello there,

I've been using a tooltip based linter for a while, and recently
occationally the tooltips seem to be sticking around. Has anything changed
with that API, intentionally or otherwise?

Is there a way to clear these tips without relaunching the app?

The follow steps are what I feel might cause the issue, but does not
reproduce regularly. Not sure how to help debug except describe that I
think Save a "lintable" file, switch tabs via the keyboard, then switch
again (possibly switch back?).

I'm using callback.document.did-save, callback.document.did-open as a
trigger, maybe its an edge case of $DIALOG tooltip
and callback.document.did-save or  callback.document.did-open?

Thanks for looking,
Graham P Heath
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