[TxMt] Re: How to break long line of code into multiple lines?

Tuk Bredsdorff tuk at tiktuk.net
Fri Jan 5 08:16:54 UTC 2018

> Create a command:
> ------------------
> #!/bin/bash
> [[ -f "${TM_SUPPORT_PATH}/lib/bash_init.sh" ]] && . "${TM_SUPPORT_PATH}/lib/bash_init.sh"
> INPUT=$(cat /dev/stdin)
> python -c "import json; print(json.dumps(${INPUT}))" | python -m json.tool

Good Idea but it doesn’t work for me as my input is not valid json.

I have however cooked up a tiny bundle using YAPF that works and which I will release shortly ☺️ .


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