[TxMt] Re: Code Navigation

feek feekdiv at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 05:41:41 UTC 2018

I use for "jumping back" a custom Key Binding.

Create a Key Binding file:


And add the following code:

  // bookmark
  "^1" = (setMark:);
  // jump to bookmark
  "^2" = (swapWithMark:,centerSelectionInVisibleArea:);

Press CTRL-1 for setting a bookmark;
Go to an other location in the same file, and do your thing (edit...)
Press CTRL-2 for going back.

NOTE: works only in the same file, and you you have to press an additional
key-combination before going somewhere else..... for me it works.... (also
outside TM ).

== feek

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