[TxMt] TextMate 1 and next MacOS

Jon Ippolito jippolito at maine.edu
Thu Feb 1 02:19:10 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I’ve been a loyal TM1 user for years who has resisted migrating to TM2 because I was waiting for key features like live, editable HTML preview. (I’m still on Firefox 56 too, so a bit of a plugin addict.) 

A few restarts after migrating to High Sierra I noticed a "Software Update" prompt in TM1. (I’m now running 1634.) I thought that was odd as I assumed development had ceased on TM1, and am curious what that is.

I’ve also read that Apple will soon disallow 32-bit applications in a future MacOS update. Am I right in assuming that will force me to use TM2?

Since I’m a bit out of the loop about active TM development these days, has anyone added the ability to view and/or edit HTML in a live Web preview?

Thanks for any advice!


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