[TxMt] [Feature Request] Auto-hiding file browser

Nigel Chapman nigelchap at icloud.com
Mon Oct 2 17:37:53 UTC 2017

(Sorry if this is a duplicate. My last attempt to send seemed to fail, but I can’t be sure it didn’t get through.)

In recent versions of various Apple programs, including Safari, Preview and iBooks, when you go into full screen mode, the sidebar hides itself until you roll over the edge of the screen with the cursor. I sometimes use Textmate on a laptop with a relatively small screen, and increasingly use it in split-view mode on my iMac, and in those cases things get a bit cramped, so it would be nice if the file browser in Textmate behaved in the same way.

I had thought that I remembered when the Apple programs started doing this that I read about it being trivial to implement if you were using auto-layout, but I’ve Googled it and done a cursory search in the developer docs, and it seems I imagined this, so perhaps this is an unreasonable request, in which case, dismiss it from your minds.

And yes, I know that lots of people really hate this behaviour, so if it could be implemented at all, it would need to be one of those things you need to use defaults write to enable.

Thanks for considering my suggestion.


(I’m also sorry if I’ve asked this before, put it down to failing memory in old age if I have.)

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