[TxMt] Re: Bundle Management improvements?

Claudia Pellegrino tm_emailaddress at cpellegrino.de
Tue Jul 4 08:51:17 UTC 2017


The features that stand out to me immediately are: […] CLI searching and installing.
Caskroom member here. With our recent integration into Homebrew last year, I think Homebrew now brings to the table a big part of what would be needed to manage TM bundles via CLI today.

In fact, anyone is free to create an (unofficial) Homebrew tap for TextMate bundles. A tap is just a GitHub repo, e. g. github.com/textmate/homebrew-bundles. It would contain a number of package files, which essentially point to the individual download URLs of the tmbundles.

This is what the user would do once to tap into the repo:

$ brew tap textmate/bundles
To search for plugins, you’d run:

$ brew tm search arduino
==> Exact Match
To install a tmbundle, you’d run:

$ brew tm install arduino
If more than three people find this useful, I’ll be happy to piece together a small PoC.


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