[TxMt] Bundles & Commands Questions

じょいすじょん dangerwillrobinsondanger at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 04:33:05 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I have found that I had to finally learn to create Commands in a TM Bundle to move beyond what snippets alone can do (even though they have such a brilliantly simple syntax...)
Is there any canonical listing of values to use Semantic Class hooks?

Also I couldn't find it in the docs, but realized by reading other examples, the way to get the whole document text reliably is to read stdin in a script, then write to stdout.

It might be really great stuff to get documented for everyone.

Finally, what is the recommended flow for managing & sharing bundles?
Certainly, putting changes into Github would be ideal where possible.
But here are two use cases I have.
In my workplace we have stuff we cannot share outside, but we would like to share and maintain a group repo internally to grow up some TM Bundles.

I also sometimes need to work on multiple systems.

I'd like to understand the best way to sync or centralize and update bundles.
What are the best practices with this?

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