[TxMt] "Half focused" windows bug

Graham Heath graham.p.heath at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 22:54:15 UTC 2017

Hey there,

I’m regularly experiencing a bug where TextMate seems to receive partial
focus. The title bar will appear to be selected, but the tabs never come
into focus.

Please see https://imgur.com/a/ePa4j for screenshots.

In this "half focus" mode I can select, enter and delete text, but not
select, copy, paste or do many other things. Cmd-c and Cmd-v both cause the
system bell to ding. I can switch focused TextMate windows, but the "half
focus" window title bar remains focused, and the tabs never get selected.

I still haven’t found a reliable way to reproduce this.

I have 2 theories about what is happening;

   1) Its related to some ongoing process, such as a linter still running
in the background or the code highlighting for complex code. This seems
relevant because I work some days without encountering the issue, others I
run into it many times. Its possible that the offensive days I have more
windows, or a more difficult to parse file open.

   2) Its related to multiple displays. I’m on a MBP15in from early 2013
with a display hooked up over thunderbolt or hdmi. It does seem that its
much easier to reproduce this bug with a second display.

Perhaps there’s a combination of 1 and 2?

For a while I was switching between apps to get "full focus"; Switch from
Chrome to TextMate (get "half focus"), switch to Finder, switch to Chrome,
switch to TextMate (get "full focus").

Seems that if no one else is having the issue, its probably #1 and related
to my custom bundles.

Whatever the cause, hiding TextMate with Cmd+H and restoring it seems to
cause "full focus" reliably.

Is this making sense? Is there anything I can do to help debug?

This weekend I’ll try reverting to defaults and see if that helps. In the
mean time, what do you all think?

Thanks a million,

Graham Heath
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