[TxMt] revert source to default (without deltas) (and how to alter settings without cocking up bundles)

Tim Bates timothy.c.bates at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 11:00:39 UTC 2017

Hi all,
I wished to enable spell checking for comments in source languages.
I edited the settings items in the source bundle, enabling spelling for my scope.
This worked (yay), but I realised it would be better to stash this in my private bundle, not fork the main source.tmbundle.
So I reverted the scope as a first step to making a new settings item. The bundle is now marked as delta, and that isn’t right.
SO I deleted the is delta key. That was a mistake: Now I have an item labeled “untitled” that is empty, and no spellcheck enable setting item.
Try reinstating the delta key, and setting to false. No worky.
Try reverting the bundle: you can’t unselect it.
Deleted the bundle and installed from in TM2: still has my untitled item and no. Must be buried in an invisible cache..? Where…
Curse :-)
Email list: How do you really revert a core bundle to base?


PS: It would be GREAT to have a revert to default right-click action for TM bundles, which cleared invisible caches etc… Or make the grayed out source bundle tick function as a togglle; click it, and it throws a dialog asking “really revert to base source bundle (bundle cannot be deactivated, only reverted)?” then does that.

PS: Feel free to improve this stack overflow answer so others can share this knowledge.

PPS: bit of a hot mess of 10-year old TM1 info and partial TM2 info on the interweb at present: we should try and clean up where possible now everyone is moving to TM2 beta

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