[TxMt] Re: "Document.did-change" and access to the current document in a bundle?

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Wed Sep 28 18:42:17 UTC 2016

A few “typos” made it into my email.

The values should have been `onDocumentChange` and `onDocumentSave` 
rather than `documentDidChange` and `documentDidSave`. The latter though 
is what they’ll likely be changed to.

And the environment variable present for successive runs is 

Here’s an example which works with the current nightly build: 

On 28 Sep 2016, at 16:59, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 24 Aug 2016, at 18:26, Graham Heath wrote:
> Current test build has a preliminary implementation of this feature.
>> Thats great news. You mention that the commands could update the HTML 
>> view,
>> would they also have access to the gutter (and/or tooltips)?
> You can access gutter via `$TM_MATE` and tool tips can be shown by 
> using `$DIALOG`.
>> You’ve got a good point that the process should be killed when a 
>> user no
>> longer wants it, for my use though I can’t imagine wanting to turn 
>> the
>> linter service off while TextMate was still open. If there was a
>> "application-will-close" event, bundles could be responsible for 
>> cleaning
>> up after themselves.
> Here is the preliminary documentation (I will likely change the keys 
> to match the semantic classes and also make it a mask rather than 
> either/or):
> - - -
> New `autoRefresh` key that can be set in `tmCommand`, value can be 
> either:
> - `documentDidChange`: Re-run the command after document has changed.
> - `documentDidSave`: Re-run the command after a file in the project 
> has been saved (after delay to coalesce multiple documents being 
> saved).
> If a document has `autoRefresh` set to `onDocumentChange` it will stop 
> running if the document is closed. If there is a HTML output window, 
> this window will then also close.
> If a command has HTML output, closing the HTML output will stop 
> running the command.
> If the user runs a command with `autoRefresh` enabled for a second 
> time, and there is an open HTML output window associated with the 
> command, then it brings the window to front, otherwise it will stop 
> the first instance.
> For successive command executions the `TM_REFREH` environment variable 
> is present and set to `YES`.
> Planned: If the command’s title matches: `(\w+) / (\w+) (.+)` then 
> it will show as `$1 $3` by default and `$2 $3` when running. This 
> means the command can be named “Show / Hide Preview” and will 
> appear as “Show Preview” unless the preview is already showing, in 
> which case it becomes “Hide Preview”.
>> Debouncing an event like this over 300ms would mean that the event 
>> doesn’t
>> fire until 300ms have elapsed where the trigger wasn’t 
>> re-triggered.
> Such complicated terms for “when the user is idle” :)

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