[TxMt] Inserting text into a background document

David Green david at tm.comme.ci-comme.ca
Tue Sep 27 05:35:13 UTC 2016

I run a lot of commands from TextMate, and sometimes they can take a long time to finish. The usual “execute line” command doesn’t return until the execution is complete, so the document (and TM as a whole) is unresponsive while waiting. I can run them in the background, but then I need a way to insert the output into the original document. My current workaround is to bring the document forward using 'mate', but that means whenever output is ready, the doc jumps into the foreground, interrupting anything else I may have been doing.

I don’t know of a way to do this, but it would be great if I could send text to a document without giving it focus… e.g. something like:
    echo "some output" | mate --no-focus --uuid $DOC


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