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Greg web at web.knobby.ws
Wed Sep 14 17:38:55 UTC 2016

Fixed, details below.

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> On 12 Sep 2016, at 20:16, Greg wrote:
>> Very recently Bundle control has gone wacky or maybe the Ruby bundle. 
>> I see Ruby in the list in Preferences>Bundles and can select it, but 
>> Ruby is not available in at the bottom of the window for selection 
>> (afraid I don?t know how to describe that better).
> You say you can ?select it? in Preferences ? Bundles, but is the 
> checkbox checked?
> Did you try to uncheck and recheck the checkbox?

I had already done that several times and also relaunched TextMate
> If this did not help, try delete this file and relaunch TextMate:
>     ~/Library/Caches/com.macromates.TextMate/BundlesIndex.binary

This has fixed the problem. I can now set the Ruby Bundle in Preferences (this I could do before), and have it available at the bottom of the window (Ruby wasn’t available). Can also run scripts.
>> I think I?m also seeing problems with Themes, but I don?t know 
>> exactly which them I was using, but it definitely wasn?t correct for 
>> my Ruby files. I?m using some black background theme in general and 
>> did look at different themes a week or two ago. Might be some 
>> connection?
> Changing themes should not cause bundles to disappear. You say you are 
> seeing ?problems with Themes?, does that mean, that the Themes 
> bundle also has gone missing?

Probably because I couldn’t select Ruby. Consider this a non issue.
>> I?m not up on Bundle management, but poked around
>> ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/                 ? no 
>> Ruby bundle
>> ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Managed/Bundles/ ? no Ruby 
>> bundle
> The first one should not have one, the second one should, if Ruby is 
> checked in Preferences ? Bundles.

I wonder if I missed it before since it appears below Ruby Haml, Ruby on Rails, and Ruby SASS. I would have expected it the first. I understand in computer land that is not the case, but in a real world list it would be and I may have not looked carefully enough. In any case it’s there now.
> Is any component of your path possibly a symbolic link to a syncing 
> service?
>> ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Ruby/1.8.7/ ? Why is this 
>> here? Did I do this or is it part of TextMate?
> This is something TextMate installs on-demand. Currently a lot of 
> bundles require it.
>> I searched for ?Ruby.tmbundle? and found nothing.

I may have forgotten to select the System files are included option. [OT] Is there a way to have this as a default?
> A final place to look is:
>     ~/Library/Application Support/Avian/Bundles
> However, this would be user customizations, and if you have none, should 
> be empty.
> And just for the records, here are all the things to delete to get back 
> to factory defaults: 
> https://github.com/textmate/textmate/wiki/Reverting-To-Defaults <https://github.com/textmate/textmate/wiki/Reverting-To-Defaults>
> Item 4 and 5 on that list though should not affect bundles.

Thank you Allan. All is well.

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