[TxMt] Re: another wish for the global Find dialog

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Sun Sep 4 09:32:41 UTC 2016

On 3 Sep 2016, at 2:38, Matt Neuburg wrote:

> Could the View -> Show Invisible Characters be made to apply in the 
> Global Find dialog, especially in the Find and Replace fields?

This is non-trivial since the Find and Replace fields are system 
controls, so we’d need to override system behavior to try and achieve 
this (not something I have looked into, but in general customizing 
NSTextField is not easy).

> There are times when not knowing there's a space can really really 
> screw up your global replacement (ask me how I know that!)...

Is that a space in the Replace field? The current nightly build uses a 
different background color for matches, that way, one can see if 
leading/trailing space is being matched.

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