[TxMt] Re: textmate Digest, Vol 101, Issue 19

Greg web at web.knobby.ws
Sat Oct 15 20:10:50 UTC 2016

Probably more complicated. I’m not sure all the things commented out with # are ignored by Rails.

I’m still trying to sort out what all the paths involved are. But that’s Rails not TM.


> On Oct 15, 2016, at 5:00 AM, textmate-request at lists.macromates.com wrote:
> Comment for jbuilder should be a #, but TM is putting a double slash. The files are Rails apps/views/<view>/xxx.json.jbuilder .
> I?ve just started using jbuilder, but the hash seems to be the right one.
> Can I change this? If so how? 
> ======
> Change file type to Ruby. Probably was JavaScript automatically.
> Did I change it to jS or is that something TM does. 
> I can live with it as is. 
> Greg

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