[TxMt] LaTeX bundle stopped working correctly

Andrew Jaffe a.h.jaffe at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 10:47:06 UTC 2016

Dear all,

[Apologies if this gets posted twice, as I sent it to both the gmane 
newsgroup and the list itself...]

I've got TM running on two machines, both updated to the most recent build.

On one machine, everything seems to be working fine.

On the other, the LaTeX bundle has stopped working correctly when I try 
to "Typeset and View":
  - I need to explicitly add /Library/tex/texbin to TM's path  in 
Prefs>Vars. If I don't, it fails looking for kpsewhich. (This is not 
necessary on the other machine -- PATH is not explicitly set at all in 
the TM variables window.)
  - I can't "view" with anything but the TM PDF viewer (although I can 
select other options from the prefs window, but it doesn't affect the 

On both machines the bundles are set to auto-update, and appear to be on 
the latest version from over the summer. *However*, if I actually look 
in the bundle editor, I do see differences. For example, on the 
non-working machine, there is an explicit check for kpsewhich, but not 
on the other one. And, indeed, if I look at the files in 
~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Pristine\ 
Copy/Bundles/LaTeX.tmbundle, I do find that they are from 2010!

I also note that the directory structure of  ~/Library/Application\ 
Support/TextMate/is very different on the two machines.

So, does this have something to do with the recent move from old Avian 
folders? Or is it just an unrelated local problem? In any case, please help!


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