[TxMt] Did view on switching back to a tab just change?

Bert zanglebert at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 15:54:49 UTC 2016

TM version 2.0-beta.12.22

Did the way TM handles last window/tab position just change?

What I mean is: previously, TM remembered, for each document, the last 
scrolled to position, regardless of where the caret was.

If I scrolled the document and line x was at the very top, then switched 
to another tab, then back, line x would still be at the top. Caret 
position didn't have any influence on this, i.e. the caret could be out 
of view, and the window would still open at the line it was when I left 
the tab.

Now it seems that on tab switching, the caret position defines the view, 
as in: the caret is always roughly in the middle of the screen.

Is this intended? I really hope it's not, since it suddenly makes a 
quick 'switching back and forth' code comparison across documents a lot 
more difficult.

If it's not intended: did it break with the last update, or could it be 
a problem on my side? (some variable that stores the view isn't updated 
anymore in my installation... I'm just fishing in the dark here)

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