[TxMt] Order of suggestion of autocomplete items

Bert zanglebert at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 18:36:04 UTC 2016


I hope I'm not getting on everyone's nerves with another feature 
question -- can I make it work? -- or feature request -- if answer to 
previous is negative, can you make it work? :)

My question: can I change the order of autocomplete suggestions, between 
'user defined' and 'default/document harvested'?

I have a pretty large list of my own completions, some global. Internal 
order of these completions seems to obey the order in which they appear 
on the list. Yay!

But: the document harvested completions always seem to be suggested 
before any of my own completions.

I know, I can entirely disable these default completions, but I use them 
as well, just that mostly, my own completions should take precedence.

[wishful thinking on] Any way to change the order between user 
completions and default/document harvested completions?

If someone can think of a way that requires messing around with some 
default bundle scripts: I'll happily try it, did so before. Just 
suggestions requiring to build my own are problematic: tried it a few 
times, never got it to work 100% cleanly.

Thanks for lending me your time, reading the above.

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