[TxMt] Clicking in Find dialog does not always scroll document

Curt Sellmer sellmerfud at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 14:59:54 UTC 2016

In  the latest nightly build (2.0-beta.12.21) I've noticed this when
searching in multiple files:
When you click on a result in the find dialog it brings the proper document
into focus and selects the found section of the document, but does not
always scroll the selection into view.

When the target document already has focus (before clicking on the found
it scrolls correctly.
But if another tab has focus, then the target document gains focus and the
selection is highlighted, but it is not scrolled into view.

Another thing is that if a result in the find dialog is highlighted
(because it is the last result that you clicked on), and you click it again
it does not take you to the corresponding document.  You have to command
click to deselect it, then click it again for it to work.  Double clicking
it here will close the find dialog but will not take you to the result in
the document.
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