[TxMt] Re: Search beachballs on (very) long single-line file

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Sun Jun 5 20:19:27 UTC 2016

On 5 Jun 2016, at 22:09, Walter Lee Davis wrote:

> Never mind, I didn't get it all the way into the root of the folder. 
> This gives me some ideas about restricting search within logs, or the 
> asset pipeline detritus.

For changing what to search (for a given project) I suggest editing the 
“matching” text field in the search window. You can prefix with ~ to 
exclude items and use ** to match everything below a certain folder.

For example to exclude all your log files use: ~logs/**

Hint: When you search a project and you get a match from a file that you 
want to exclude, simply hold ‘option’ and click the remove button 
for this match, then the path of that file will be added to the current 
“matching glob” (you can edit it afterward if you want to generalize 

As for your 1MB JSON file, if I need to look into this, you need to 
provide the file and what you searched for.

I did a quick test by generating a 1 MB file and appended a special 
string, then searched for this string, and while there were delays, they 
were sub-second delays. I think they are mainly related to generating 
the 1 MB text string to show in the search window, which I could 
probably limit to +/- 500 bytes from where the match was found.

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