[TxMt] Re: Supporting YAML front matter in Markdown

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Sat Jul 16 20:59:54 UTC 2016

On 16 Jul 2016, at 22:35, Stefan Daschek wrote:

> Markdown (GitHub) also uses |TM_MARKDOWN|, but defaults to (a bundled 
> version of) |redcarpet.rb|.

This command appears to be copy/pasted from the default Markdown bundle 
with the fallback value for `TM_MARKDOWN` changed to `redcarpet.rb` and 
the MathJax support removed (or maybe it was added after Mike cloned the 

Mike: Would it be feasible to remove the Preview command and instead 
have the _Markdown (GitHub)_ bundle set `TM_MARKDOWN` to 

That way, users who do not have `TM_MARKDOWN` set and install your 
bundle will automatically have _Markdown → Preview_ use 

Users who have set `TM_MARKDOWN` will still get their customer markdown 
processor, but that is already an issue with _Markdown (GitHub) → 
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